John Kasich

John Kasich is a national leader who has spent a lifetime bringing people together to solve big problems and leaving the world around them just a little bit better than they found it.

As the 69th Governor of Ohio (2010-2018), John Kasich led the Ohio Comeback. His administration inherited an $8 billion budget shortfall that they solved without a tax increase. He went on to cut a record $5 billion in taxes, cut wasteful spending and reduce red tape. Ohio created nearly 550,000 jobs during his two-terms in Office.

Gov. Kasich ran for President during the 2016 GOP primary. He was the last candidate to leave the race and finished third in the total delegate count. His message focused on unifying Americans rather than dividing them, championing the great potential of our citizens to make positive impacts in their own communities, a strong national defense and the importance of our international alliances.

When he served in Congress (1982-2000), John was Chairman of the House Budget Committee and worked across party lines to pass the first federally balanced budget since man walked on the moon. It hasn’t been done again since he left Congress.

John also served for 18 years on the Armed Services Committee where he played a role in every major national security effort that helped end the Cold War. He continues today to be a strong voice for traditional Republican policies of a strong national defense and an advocate for free trade.

John is married to Karen Kasich and is the proud father of twin daughters.