New Day For America.


New Day for America is an organization that believes in Governor Kasich’s vision that America is stronger, when we are united and working together to tackle our greatest challenges. We support his positive vision for our country.


Bringing People Together to Solve Problems

Governor Kasich has been bringing people together to tackle our nation’s biggest challenges for his entire career. From balancing the Federal Budget to tackling human trafficking and improving community and police relations, John has always put people and country before political party. That work continues today with his leadership on issues like improved health care options for children and middle class Americans, sensible and pro-growth tax reform that benefits all Americans, and his message of coming together in our communities to solve problems where we live, from the bottom up. 


Traditional Republican Values

Governor Kasich has been a strong voice for traditional Republican values like strong international alliances; free trade; a balanced federal budget; common-sense, and pro-growth tax reform. He has continued to speak out on these issues when others have shrunk from the spot light. From traveling to the Munich Security conference to traveling the country advocating for a federally balanced budget, John has represented traditional Republican values on the world and national stage.


Some say the American Dream is over, that we can’t recover, that the flame is beginning to flicker. That is wrong. We may have a crisis of spirit but our strength endures and our strength comes from pulling together.

Gov. John Kasich


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